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Hello Bombshells,

I'm Kalysa and I am here to help you discover a Sexy. Beautiful. You

I found my love for photography when I first picked up a camera in high school. My passion turned into a full-time business in November 2008. 


I started with shooting weddings, but after a bride's request, my love of things sexy and creative was transformed into a full-time Boudoir Photography Studio. (Formally Ashira Photography). I have been shooting Boudoir Photography for 10 years... 



I have been featured in Orlando Wedding Magazine, Getting Married Magazine, and Orlando Sentinel Newspaper. I have also been featured on Growing Bolder a PBS TV Show seen here.


I am a mother of two amazing kids. 


I could not live without seafood, and Creme Brulee and listening to music while dancing and swaying to the beat!


You can find me at the beach soaking in the peacefulness. 


I love hazelnut coffee with honey and hazelnut creamer...