Maintaining a well-organized photography business should be an easy task. However, a growing company with a list of to-dos and a tight schedule can make it difficult. If you are an organization genius, then I am very jealous! Some of us take years, to get organized. It is essential to keep your workspace organized and your business as well.

Work Place

Keeping your mind/brain clear and not distracted requires maintaining everything organized your office space and your business. Once you developed a workflow and organized a feeling of well-being comes over you.

Workspace—make sure it is a dedicated space it is so important to have your very own workspace. As the owner of your own business, it actually increases the feeling of real boing to work not just sitting on the couch at home. You will be able to improve your workflow and get more done. You will be able to keep equipment and essential documents in one space. You will become more efficient.

Business Finances

To avoid any complications always, always keep well-organized records digital and paper from the very beginning related to the finances. This will aid in keeping your from overspending or pay that bill you almost forgot to pay. Records will not only help at tax time but also provide a clear picture of profit and expenditures. Get ready!

Go Digital & Automate

Automation is an excellent way to stay organized. Staying organized is easy when it is automated within your business. Contracts with electronic signatures, to social media computerized systems, can take care of the many time-consuming tasks for you. Automation of your emails to sending out invoices the various tools available will save you a great deal of time. Scheduling task with a calendar that automates the tasks such as social media post for a month or longer frees up that extra time needed to edit more photos, hold a webinar to promote your business brand or schedule a meeting with your clients. Automation!!! Automation!!!

Time | Schedule A Must

Use a planner and a Calendar like Google Calendar which is accessible from any o location.  Tasks for the day, week, or month need to be accomplished the schedule will keep things in perspective and save you time. An electronic calendar is an excellent option for that to do list and staying organized.

The more you stay organized the productive you may be. Now get started getting organized.

Starting a business involves so many different things it seems the glass is either half full or half empty. Many photographers want to shoot that great photo.  Wait! You need to take time to think about the business side. You must first think about pricing, target audience or your niche market. It all can be daunting but let's make the glass half full with the doable.

Business Name

Naming can be a difficult decision a hard choice to make. You want to make sure it is the perfect name for you or your company. Ask yourself will it be my name or a business name?

Your Target Audience or your Tribe

You must know your ideal client this is essential to your business. Your business decisions are built around knowing your client persona, your tribe. Its about knowing your Soul sauce the right ingredients to convey your brand to your tribe. . Who are you reaching and who is booking a session? These are questions to ask if you are trying appealing to all there will not be anyone.


Once you have a name and your niche market, it’s time to create your brand. When someone sees your work, you want them to know who is behind the camera. First, think about your personality, how do you want your brand to feel and its look, from your website to all postings on social media.

The cost to the Client

You know your niche, their demographics, now it’s time to decide on pricing and informing clients about it!  Setup low- and high-end pricing packages. Post on social media platforms to start increasing traffic and bookings for your services, on your website.  Get Started.

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