1:1 Coaching with Kalysa

$250 | 1 hour of 1:1 Coaching with Kalysa

I love teaching other photographers, and I’m happy to share everything I’ve learned over the years in the business, from how I started to the mistakes I made to how I got to the place I am at today — I’m an open book! Whether you just picked up a camera or you have been shooting for years, I’m ready to help you create a business that fits your lifestyle and brings joy to your heart.

Coaching sessions are available Monday through Thursday, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. and take place over video chat!.

Before our video session, I’ll send you a questionnaire so you can tell me what you’re hoping to learn during your session. The information from the questionnaire will help me design a piece of personalized advice and specific action steps to take after our call.

Since I will cover a lot of information in our 1-hour video session, so If you still have questions after our meeting, please feel free to follow up with an email or schedule a second session!

Things we can chat about

Things we can chat about in our coaching sessions

How to get the perfect shot

  • The equipment that I use
  • Camera fundamentals (aperture, shutter speed, shooting mode, focus, exposure, ISO, etc.)
  • Using natural light vs continous lighting
  • How to get subjects to relax in front of the camera in the first 5 mins
  • Instudio vs Onlocation
  • Top 20 Shots that sell

How to Edit your Boudoir images

  • Creating your own editing style
  • Follow me start-to-finish as I edit an image, starting in bridge and ending in Photoshop
  • How I narrow down the images from a session
  • Photoshop actions that will save you time.
  • Topics within Photoshop: curves, levels, removing blemishes, smoothing skin, making eyes that sparkle

Building your Brand and Finding your Ideal client

  • Client tools: including client questionnaires, contracts, and session guides
  • Streamlining your client’s experience
  • Communicating expectations, style, and delivery timeline
  • Building your brand
  • Dealing with difficult client situations
  • Finding your ideal clients


At this time I’m not teaching marketing to photographers in the Central Flordia area.

  • Defining your brand & web deisgn (Online presence)
  • Building your business through email, social media marketing
  • Boosting your Google ranking through SEO
  • Blogging topics for when you’re out of ideas
  • Getting people to spread the word for you

Pricing your Services & Products

  • Pricing your services
  • Paying yourself a salary
  • Sales methods: online vs. IPS (I have experience with both)
  • Pricing and collection psychology
  • How to reach six-figure sales numbers

Time Management

  • My start-to-finish workflow
  • Tips and tricks to help you stay on top of your inbox
  • Client scheduling: dos and don’ts


  • Registering your legal business
  • Creating a business bank account and paying yourself
  • Collecting and paying sales tax
  • tools for bookkeeping
  • Hiring an accountant that’s right for you
Please note that any financial advice given is from personal experience, and this advice should not be used as a substitute for consulting a professional accountant or Lawyer

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