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Hi I'm Kalysa!

Well, I started my studio 2008 and did not have a clue about running a business, I just wanted to shoot. I had to learn the hard way about dealing with clients, finding the right angles that make a woman or a man for that matter look sexy- made valuable mistakes - and taught myself everything that was necessary to run a full-time boudoir/dudoir photography business. Throughout it all, I made sure to smartly scale my business in order to shoot what I want to shoot "Boudoir", boudoir is my main income (and yes it allows me to pay the bills!).  I am here to show you how you can do the same (minus all the mistakes I made in the beginning!).

I work smarter not harder. I started my boudoir business out of my home and I am here to show you how you can start with a low budget and out of your home as well, or a studio. 

So let's begin!

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