Top 10 Valentine Date night Ideas for staying at Home | Emage Boudoir | Date night

So I have been talking to my clients, and Valentine's day is almost as stressful as the holidays because we have so much pressure to find the perfect gift for our loved one, or that someone special in our lives. But why not think outside the box and be a little creative this year.

I have come up with My Top 10 Valentine Date ideas for staying in at home.

1. Love notes for 14 days of Valentine's day. So from February 1st to February 14th or from February 14th to the end of the month. Celebrate each other with Love notes hidden in plain sight for your someone special to read.

2. Couple shower/bath Time - Create a spa night kit to pamper each other with deliciously smelling soaps, and lofa gloves to bathe and wash each other in the shower or take a bath together...

3. Indoor Dinner picnic or Outdoor. If your living in an apartment and don't have a back yard, then you can always create a picnic dinner right in the living room, move the furniture to the side, throw down a blanket with your favorite packed dinner meal and sit and enjoy each other. Now if you have a back yard, why not dine under the stars and candlelight for a romantic dinner picnic.

4. Sweet taste test...Oooh, this is one of my favorites, let's go to the dollar store and get a bunch of different types of candy, blindfold your sweetheart and let them tell you to want they are eating...

5. Sunset stroll...take a walk at sunset around your neighborhood holding hands and just enjoying your surroundings.

6. Paint night..go to your local craft store by a couple of brushes maybe watercolor set and some blank canvas and paint each other a picture...Don't forget the wine or bubbly.

7. Scavenger Hunt...this is always fun, write & leave clues around the house for your lover, or sweetheart, and watch as they try and find the prize at the end of the rainbow...

8. Let's cook together, pretend you are in a cooking class, turn on your favorite chef via youtube or cooking channel and create a meal together in the kitchen....reminber this is a fun flirting session, help each other and be playful.

9. Let's read...OHHH another favorite of mine! Find an erotic book and take turn reading to each other...

10. Let's dance - even if you can't dance its ok. Turn on your favorite tunes and live, let go and dance like its 1999 with your partner.

Whatever you decide to do, this holiday, don't forget the small things matter and spending quality time with each other is what's important.